Wrapping Up

We steadily tread towards the end of the year, the end of 2020. A year that challenged us in ways we never expected. A year that began with the smell of bushfires, and finished with the smell of hand sanitiser. A year many are eager to farewell.

But as with all things, there was not only challenge this year. There was also much to be proud of. There was great kindness, compassion and empathy. Our community came together to support each other and navigate the ever-changing landscape of restrictions. We learned the value of Zoom, social media and video calls. We took care of ourselves, our families, and each other.

At Flinders, our work is about community, but most of all, our work is about children. Children are at the heart of our community. There has been much in the media about what children have lost as a result of this year, and it is true that there is much to be mourned. But when so many choose to portray children as passive victims of this moment in time, we see something different. We see in front of us a community of children who are resilient, perceptive, compassionate and hopeful. Children who adapt and adjust, who persist, who continue to learn and grow and thrive. Children who are active participants, active citizens in the community.

At the end of each year we send home children’s portfolios as a celebration of their learning and growth. This year, as they are lovingly edited, printed and bound, we peek through them and feel a great sense of joy. In a year we will remember for it’s difficulty, we hope the children’s portfolios remind you of all that is wonderful in our world. The portfolios capture the best elements of humanity; kindness, curiosity, joy, connection, belonging.

As you and your family reflect on the year, we hope the portfolio serves as a beautiful memory of the things that went right in a year when much went wrong.

Wrapping Up

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