Current fees

Our fees cover daily care, available Monday to Friday, from 7:15am to 6:00pm and includes all meals, drinks and a cloth nappy service. In Baby House families will need to bring their own bottles for formula or milk to cater for the individual needs of very young children. As a not-for-profit organisation and our fees are set by the Governing Committee.

There is a minimum permanent booking of two days per week for children in Baby House, Toddler House and May Mills House and one day per week in Preschool House and Sturt House. If we have places available we may also be able to add casual once off bookings to an existing booking. Full time fees are for 5 days per week and families will be given four weeks’ notice of any fee increase.

DailyFull time
Baby house$145$705
Toddler house$145$705
May Mills house$145$705
Pre-school house$130$620
Sturt house$130$620
Fees from 1 July 2024

All fees shown above are full fees and do not reflect the potential Child Care Subsidy available to your family.

What is Child Care Subsidy?

The Australian Government is committed to ensuring that Australian families are able to access affordable, flexible and high-quality childcare. The Government provides Child Care Subsidy to families to help with the cost of childcare.

Find out more information about Child Care Subsidy or you can calculate your potential Child Care Subsidy online.

Absent days

There are no fees charged for public holidays or the 2 week Christmas and New Year period closure and we also offer reduced fee rate for a certain number of absent days each financial year. These can be used for holidays or for sick days but any other absent day normal full day fees apply.

Baby house$125$630
Toddler house$125$630
May Mills house$125$630
Pre-school house$112$555
Sturt house$112$555
Absent fees from 1 July 2024

In order to receive this reduced absent fee rate you need to ensure you do the following: