children swinging on tree

Individual houses

We have 5 purpose-built houses, each one offering something unique for the children. Natural outdoor play areas, play equipment built into the landscape.

Find out more about our houses:

  1. Baby House (6 weeks to 2 years)
  2. Toddler House (1 to 3 years)
  3. May Mills House (2 to 4 years)
  4. Preschool House (3 to 6 years)
  5. Sturt House (3 to 6 years)

baby walking

Baby House (6 weeks to 2 years)

baby playing drums

Baby House is designed for relationships and responsive care. Combining open and free-flowing play spaces with private sleep rooms, Baby House provides the perfect environment for responding to the individual child.

Children have freedom to explore and connect in a light-filled space. The outdoor environment is unique, ensuring even the youngest children have access to, and build relationship with, the natural world. Baby House can be the calm in your family’s day.

child walking outside

Toddler House (1 to 3 years)

children looking at insects

Upon entering the foyer of Toddler House, visitors are met with two spaces in one. This large building has been carefully divided to create two smaller areas, ensuring children and educators can continue working in close contact with one another.

As you pass through the space, you will notice the enormous picture windows, bringing the outside in, and inviting you to explore the gardens beyond. As you wander through the gardens, you will discover secret spaces perfect for play; a seat hidden in vines and flowers; a tunnel full of echoes; gnarled and sturdy trees for swinging and hanging.

children holding vegetables

May Mills House (2 to 4 years)

children looking at a tree

When entering May Mills House, you will discover a place to develop independence. After taking in the bright, light-filled space, you will notice the many ways educators empower children’s agency.

Open environments are set up for children to make choices about play. Grazing meal times at the outside tables that honour children’s individual eating patterns. Challenging play spaces like the grassy hill and the many (many!!) steps. May Mills is a place to explore independence within the context of trusting relationships.

children running

Preschool House (3 to 6 years)

child drawing

To walk into Preschool House is to walk into community. From the large tables to the open spaces, Preschool House is designed for collaboration and co-existence. Children and educators work together and alongside one another to create, imagine and explore.

Outside, the gardens provide a location for wonder and curiosity under a canopy of beautiful trees. Can you find the boat, the vegetable garden, a secret place to sit?

sturt classroom

Sturt House (3 to 6 years)

children outside playing

As you walk through the doors at Sturt House you will notice an expansive space full of possibilities. Sturt House is a chameleon; while the space itself may stay the same, its details and colours change and evolve in response to the children’s investigations.

The educators are skilful provocators of children’s learning; carefully crafting environments for inquiry. In Sturt House, play becomes increasingly complex and social, and the environment reflects this.