A Pot of Tea

Winter is certainly upon us; it’s cold and a little gloomy, however the outdoor program at Flinders is as strong as it is in the warmer months. The children are navigating the change in weather well. With support, even the youngest children are beginning to recognise their body’s need for extra layers of clothing and a change in hat. Some children even wear gloves, mittens, and gumboots, warming right to the tips of their toes and fingers.

Just as educators adjust the program in response to the winter season, so the children adjust their play. Keeping their shoes on in the sandpit, seeking shelter when they feel drops of rain, recognising the need for gumboots with puddles and doing a little more running when they feel cold. The outdoors is important all year round and the colder months teach the children about body awareness and looking after their wellbeing.

The winter menu provides children with hearty meals, warming them from the inside of their bodies. Alongside this, the educators have been making lemon verbena tea with the children during some mornings. Warm drinks and warm food encourage the children to take a moment and find joy in good nutrition and delicious tea. It is delightful to see a group of children, mug in hand, chatting about what they see, feel and smell. A time to gather and enjoy the simple pleasure of each other’s presence and calm those rosy cheeks.

To make your own lemon verbena tea, simply add a handful of fresh leaves to the bottom of a tea pot and fill with freshly boiled water; steep, then enjoy in good company.

A Pot of Tea

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