Children as Citizens – Building Connections

As a part of our project, Children as Citizens, Children with Rights, we are focusing on what it means to be a citizen at Flinders. In learning of our inquiry, one of our students on placement has been inspired to look more closely at how we can build community between our youngest and oldest groups of children.

After much preparation and thought, she began by taking small groups of Sturt House children to visit Baby House.


“This is the first time I have ever held a baby’s hand!”

Then, after a few visits, some of the Baby House children began to visit Sturt House.


“We need to walk slowly with the babies.”

Being a citizen at Flinders means being welcome in all our Houses, and being able to build relationships with others. It means focusing on the pathways that connect us, rather than the fences and roads that divide us. It means being supported to engage in meaningful ways, whether that means slowing down to someone else’s pace or bravely reaching out to touch the hand of another.

What does being a citizen at Flinders mean to you?

Children as Citizens – Building Connections

2 thoughts on “Children as Citizens – Building Connections

  • August 31, 2017 at 10:35 pm

    Oh my goodness – so simple, so sweet and so perfect…. love the photos as well

  • September 1, 2017 at 1:59 am

    That is just so beautiful. What a great initiative. What does being a citizen at Flinders mean to me? Well, as a seat of learning, it should obviously be about learning, but … what is learning? Apart from gaining knowledge, this is also about “living through the example that we want to show the world in order to make it a better place”, and actually LIVING it by asking how would I like to be treated in such and such a situation. This needs to be modelled and I think this initiative does so. Thank you.


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