Last Week it Rained in Adelaide…

Outdoor learning spaces are a feature of Australian learning environments. Play spaces include plants, trees, edible gardens, sand, rocks, mud, water and other elements from nature. These spaces invite open-ended interaction, spontaneity, risk-taking, exploration, discovery and connection with nature. They foster an appreciation of the natural environments, develop an environmental awareness and provide a platform for ongoing environmental education.

The Early Years Learning Framework, DEEWR, p15-16

We watched and listened to the rain from inside and on the veranda. Then I thought; let’s go and feel it too. The children at Baby House haven’t used the rain suits this year so just getting them on was an experience. The suits go over our clothes and makes lots of rustling noise. Once one was dressed, others looked on with interest and enthusiasm for what might come next.

Four children along with an educator then headed out onto the deck. It was clear that something was different.

One child held out his hand to feel the rain falling.


We touched the decking, patting the water with our hands, then patted our hands together, feeling the wet. We began to explore and were soon gathered around the down pipe that drains onto the grass.

Someone touched the outside of the pipe, listening with his hand.


Then another noticed the water flowing out the bottom. Hands dived in and laughter was heard as hand after hand become wet. Another large drip was noticed; it was like a tiny waterfall where cupped hands could gather the water then release it again.

Out the gate and into a puddle. I walked through first and four children followed with smiles on their faces. We bent over to touch the water, noticing the depth now. Then we followed upstream to see where the water was flowing from, stomping feet as we went. One turned back to find the deeper puddle again and stamped his feet in it. Where the water flowed from the hill we could see pieces of leaves and sticks moving in the water.


Then we found a deep channel of water in the spoon drain. Four children in a line walking through the water, stopping to see each other’s faces, continuing.

There’s no such thing as bad weather at Flinders.

Last Week it Rained in Adelaide…

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