2016 – A Year to be Brave

When Flinders reopens in January, we are asking many people to be brave. Our children, families and educators are bravely beginning new adventures in new houses at Flinders, and some are beginning at Flinders for the very first time.

Change can make us feel uncomfortable, uncertain, and unsure, even when we know it is for the best. It can bring up feelings that are challenging to manage, especially for children who do not yet have the depth of experience to draw on. Children need their people, their families and their educators to support them to positively manage change.

So in the new year, we hope our community will be gentle with each other, be kind, and most of all, be brave. We ask everyone to be positive and respectful, and to focus on the good that change will bring. Because 2016 will be a good year.

A brave year.

2016 – A Year to be Brave

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