Nature Play Week and Nature Play SA

At Flinders, we love being outdoors. All our houses run indoor-outdoor programs and winter play programs. Sturt House runs nature play sessions. Our environments are filled with plants, trees, bark, sand, mud, rocks and sticks, and we encourage children to play with these elements. Because our gardens are natural, we are visited by a range of local wildlife, such as birds, koalas, lizards and bugs.

But not all children have the opportunity to access natural play spaces, and contemporary research is showing that children are spending increasingly less time outdoors. This trend has sparked international concern, and a dramatic social response from experts in a range of fields, such as education and health.

In South Australia, Nature Play SA has recently been launched to encourage children and families to spend more time outdoors, in nature, in unstructured play. Among their many initiatives is Nature Play Week, running from September 27 to October 4. Nature Play Week has a range of experiences planned in partnership with a range of local councils and organisations, all focused on getting children outside in their local environments.

You can find out more about Nature Play Week here:

Nature Play Week

Noel Probert has also written a great article on Nature Play SA, published last weekend in The Advertiser. You can read the article here:

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We would love to hear about how you and your family get involved in nature!

Nature Play Week and Nature Play SA

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