Harmony Day

March 21 is Harmony Day in Australia. The ongoing message of Harmony Day is everyone belongs.

“Harmony Day 21 March is a day of cultural respect for everyone who calls Australia home – from the traditional owners of this land to those who have come from many countries around the world. By participating in Harmony Day activities, we can learn and understand how all Australians from diverse backgrounds equally belong to this nation and enrich it.” (www.harmony.gov.au)

At Flinders, to ensure all children have an opportunity to be a part of the Harmony Day celebrations, we celebrate Harmony Week. This year Harmony Week will run from Monday March 17 to Friday March 21.

The Early Years Learning Framework talks about belonging as a key aspect of children’s growth and learning. It describes belonging as follows;

“Experiencing belonging – knowing where and with whom you belong – is integral to human existence. Children belong first to a family, a cultural group, a neighbourhood and a wider community. Belonging acknowledges children’s sense of interdependence with others and the basis of relationships in defining identities. In early childhood, and throughout life, relationships are crucial to a sense of belonging. Belonging is central to being and becoming in that it shapes who children are and who they can become.” (EYLF pg. 7)

This year our Harmony Week celebrations will foster the idea that everyone belongs through building connections between home and Flinders, between children and educators, between language and culture and ideas. Following are some of our plans;

  • Family Favourites Cook Book
  • Harmony Week Menu including a range of foods from around the world
  • Flinders Harmony Garden: a wall mural you are invited to contribute to

Educators will be working with the principles of Harmony Week and everyone belongs in mind during the week.

Stay tuned for more information and stories of belonging and harmony.

Harmony Day

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