Waking Up

I spent some time in Baby House today, during a gentle patch in their afternoon. Whilst I was there, some children were waking up from their sleeps. As I watched the educators help the children readjust to the room, I found myself thinking about an article I read recently by Anne Stonehouse. She was talking about babies and very young children transitioning from the bedroom to the play room, and the significance of this time. I watched as these babies were gently taken from the darkened bedroom to the bathroom, where they were gently dressed. I watched as the educators carried these babies into the play room, speaking softly to them and letting them know what was going on. I watched these babies take a moment to sit and just be, then once they were ready, move off to say hello or to play.

Not one baby was distressed. Not one educator was rushed. Everyone took their time and moved gently and calmly about the space.

It all just felt so kind, the way these educators recognised the children’s need to move slowly and gently between sleep and awake. Their intentionality during this time, the way the educators seemed to place themselves and make themselves accessible, the way only one educator helped one child at a time get out of bed, was so considered, and so responsive to the children.

What a beautiful way for these children to start the afternoon.

What a beautiful way for me to start the afternoon!

If you are interested, you can see the Anne Stonehouse article here:


Waking Up

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