Environments for Learning – Indoors

I’ve been thinking a lot about environments lately. Specifically, inspiring and wonder-filled indoor environments. Environments where people walk in and feel calm, welcomed and inspired. Environments that foster learning and passion. Environments that are beautiful and natural and interesting. And as I’ve been thinking about them, I’ve been looking at our environments with new eyes, and thinking about what I know about the importance of environments for children’s learning and engagement. So what makes a “good” environment for children? The trouble with this question is that so much of the answer is subjective – what I find beautiful and inspiring is different to what you will find beautiful and inspiring. What fills me with a sense of awe and wonder is different to what fills you with a sense of awe and wonder. Add to these two opinions the opinions of six other educators and sixty children, and suddenly the environment is far from engaging and inspiring. In fact, it’s a right old mess. This is the challenge faced by educators in all early childhood environments – how do we find the connections, how do we find the common ground to create a space that inspires and embraces? The beauty of the environments at Flinders is that we are working with such a great foundation. All our buildings are generously proportioned and purpose built. We have great natural light and lots of flexibility, which allows us, the educators, to be creative with the space. It is our job as educators toRead more