Flinders implements Belonging, Being and Becoming The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). This national framework, along with Our Philosophy, form the basis of our learning programs.

Play-based learning is central to the EYLF and forms the foundation for all programs at Flinders. Learning through play supports children’s engagement, current and emerging understandings, and intrinsic motivation. Our play-based programs are supported by engaged, intentional and qualified educators, who support children’s learning in key areas such as literacy, numeracy and science.

All learning is built on positive relationships with children. Trust, compassion and understanding are integral values that enable children to engage in all aspects of the program. Our educators place positive relationships at the centre of their work, using a range of individualised techniques in order to know children well.

Digital learning portfolios are developed and maintained for each child. Portfolios contain snapshots of learning, documented in a variety of ways. Your child’s portfolio may include individual documentation, group documentation, videos, photographs and samples of work. Art portfolios and personal journals are also used, as well as curriculum journals for areas such as gardening, cooking and community adventures.