Month: August 2019

Talking without Words

For the last 12 months Flinders has been participating in the Re-Imagining Childhood Project, which focuses on children as citizens with rights from birth. The project brought together teams of educators from 13 early childhood sites across South Australia, who engaged in action research projects alongside children aged birth to three years. Flinders focused on children’s non-verbal communication, and how children engage with one another to build community. The final question was; Talking without Words: How do children embody community through non-verbal communication? Recently the project came to a close, and we shared our findings with the project group at a final presentation day. This was a wonderful opportunity to share the journey of learning at Flinders, and to hear about the amazing work other teams had undertaken. Educators left feeling inspired and excited about what comes next. As a part of the presentation, Flinders produced a banner displaying significant  documentation, and a book that shares key moments of the journey in the form of a fairy tale. The banner is currently displayed at the main entrance to Flinders, and the book is on display in the office. We invite you to have a look!