Welcome to Flinders University Childcare Centre

Welcome to Flinders University Childcare Centre. We are a community-based, long day care centre situated on the grounds of Flinders University.

We pride ourselves on our natural environments, our play-based programs and our educators. Our philosophy is central to every decision we make. As such, we strongly encourage you to take a moment to read this.

Natural environments and outdoor play are a unique feature of Flinders. We run indoor-outdoor programs in each house and children access the gardens year round. We provide rain suits in winter and shaded spaces in summer. Outdoor play in natural spaces fosters a strong connection with place and nature.

Play-based programs use play as a context for learning. Play is the work of childhood and when children learn through play it is more meaningful, engaging and intrinsically motivated than learning in any other context. Educators design play-based programs that reflect children’s individual interests.

Educators at Flinders are qualified, enthusiastic, contemporary and committed. We have a high rate of retention and ongoing professional learning programs.